Top 5 BEST Outdoor Security Cameras of [2022]

Hello everyone, today’s video is about the top five best outdoor security cameras for 2022. I’ve put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you covered for more information on the products i’ve included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe now let’s get started.

Wyze Cam V3

  • Color night vision: An all-new Starlight Sensor records night time video in full, vivid color. The Starlight Sensor can see full color in environments up to 25x darker than traditional video cameras and the new f/1.6 aperture captures 2x more light.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Wyze Cam v3 is a wired video camera with an IP65 rating so you can confidently install it outside in the rain or inside in the kids’ room. Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately) required for outdoor use. Phone Compatibility - Android 5.0+, iOS 9.0+.
  • Motion & Sound detection: Wyze Cam records video when motion or sound is detected and sends an alert straight to your phone. Motion Detection Zones and custom settings allow you to adjust the sensitivity of detection or turn it off completely.
  • 24/7 Continuous Recording: Continuous video recording with a 32GB MicroSD card (sold separately). Just insert the MicroSD into the base of the Wyze Cam and you’re all set.
  • IFTTT certified connect all of your different apps and devices. When you sign up for a free account, you can enable your apps and devices to work together.

Wyzecam v3 is an update to the previous version, with a new aesthetic, more powerful hardware, and a slew of additional improvements. The ip65 rating, for example, makes this little camera a powerhouse for both inside and outdoor use. Another significant upgrade is the 1080p color night vision, which captures twice as much light thanks to the f 1.6 aperture.

The new lens also has a larger 130 degree field of view for a clearer view of the surroundings. All of the new functions, such as motion and sound detection 24-7 continuous recording using a micro sd card and face detection, are rounded off by the small intruder warnings siren and magnetic bass. Free cloud storage and local storage alternatives with Google and Alexa integration The wyzecam v3 has a smoother, more modern look with rounded corners and a larger lens. It is still completely plastic but is now completely white except for the black lens. Of course, the bracket has the same adjustment flexibility allowing you to rotate the camera 360 degrees and tilt it back and forth for almost any angle.

The option to remove the bracket and put the camera on a tripod is new in version 3, however the cable is just six feet long, making it impossible to set up outside without a waterproof extension. Open the wise app, tap add device, and follow the instructions. The device has a lot of features that even the more expensive models don’t have like 1080p HD video, color night vision, 80 decibel siren, and customizable motion detection zone. However, this model will only record 12 seconds for each event with a 5 minute recovery period between events. With good color and clarity, the night vision and color is impressive. It’s ideal for covering a small area such as a front driveway or inside driveway at the listed price.

Ring Floodlight Camera

  • 1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, 105dB security siren, Two-Way Talk, and customizable motion zones.
  • Get motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet or PC and check in at home anytime with Live View all in the Ring app.
  • Customize motion zones in the Ring app to fine-tune which areas you want to focus on.
  • Eliminate blindspots or dark areas with built-in Color Night Vision and two LED floodlights.
  • Easily hardwire to the outside of your home and connect to wifi for around-the-clock power and peace of mind.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.
  • For added peace of mind, pair with Alexa to help you keep an eye on your home.

The ring floodlight camera, also known as the best floodlight outdoor security camera available on the market in 2022, is the next item on our list. This type records high-quality video 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides efficient and clear two-way communication. Even though your property just has one camera and two lights, the installation of spotlights gives an added degree of security. Because the ring camera’s mounting plate is relatively small, it may be readily mounted on the wall.

The camera module is rather large and is situated at the bottom of the mounting plate. It is surrounded by flood lights that emit 3000 kelvin, placing the beam and the category of warm lighting, making the device appropriate for outdoor use. The device can endure temperatures ranging from -20°C to +48°C, so it will be more than capable of dealing with shifting weather conditions. The device also includes two levels of motion detection, allowing it to distinguish between objects and people. The passive infrared ring sensors are more sensitive to items like as cars and animals, but with the ring video doorbell 2, you can modify this option to be less sensitive and only receive notifications when it detects people.

The floodlight camera’s movement zones may be adjusted via the app, allowing you to alter the camera areas to monitor any activity. The ring floodlight camera records full hd 1080p video both when streaming live and when motion is detected, and stores the footage in the cloud for later use. The movements are smooth and the colors are natural. The field of view is also generous, with one of the widest angles we’ve seen on an outdoor camera. However, it only has digital zoom, so when you zoom in with your fingers on your smartphone, the quality suffers.

At night, two spotlights help illuminate a good portion of the view so you can still see what’s going on. Floodlight cam allows you to talk to any visitor to your home, whether you tell them you’re away or tell them where they can go if the power goes out. really good.

Blink Outdoor

  • Blink Outdoor is a wireless battery-powered HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.
  • With long-lasting battery life, Outdoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries (included).
  • Store video clips and photos in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan and save events locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately).
  • Outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine.
  • Designed so you can set up yourself in minutes. No wiring, no professional installation required.
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only alerted when you need to be.
  • See, hear, and speak to visitors with live view in real time and two-way audio features on your Blink app.
  • Works with Alexa – use your voice to monitor your home through supported Alexa-enabled devices.
  • Includes two Blink Outdoor cameras and one Sync Module 2.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, we recommend checking out the blink outdoor, the best value outdoor security camera available on the market in 2022. Blink’s new outdoor camera is about the same size as the xt2, measuring 2.8 by 2 by 1.2 inches, but it comes with a new set of features. The blink outdoor base station, also known as the blink sync module 2, connects the camera to your home wi-fi network. Like its predecessor, the blink outdoor is weather resistant and runs on two double a lithium batteries that should last up to two years without recharging. First and foremost, the camera lens is now flat and concave, rather than bubble like on the xt2.

We found that this helped eliminate lens flare when the sun was shining directly on the camera. Among low-cost home security cameras, the microphone is fairly sensitive and collects all of the required sounds both during the day and at night. The blink app has numerous customizing possibilities. You can set motion and privacy zones, as well as clip length between 5 and 60 seconds, camera sensitivity, how long the camera waits before starting a new recording, and more. The camera also has a thermometer, so you can get temperature readings and notifications if the temperature rises or falls above or below a certain threshold. The blink cameras, unlike conventional security cameras, cannot detect individuals.

Nest Cam Outdoor

  • 24/7 live video: 130 Degree view shows your home in 1080P HD day and night
  • Weatherproof: Camera cable and adapter are all weatherproof
  • Clear as day even at night: Night vision evenly illuminates the whole scene. See who's at the door and talk back to get their attention
  • Alerts on your phone: Get activity alerts so you know if anything happens while you're away
  • Install it yourself: Install yourself and point it anywhere with the unique magnetic mount. No hub required.
  • This Google Product features the Google Seal for Online Marketplace when purchased from a seller other than

If you’re looking for a great completely wireless weather resistant home security camera, the blink outdoor is quite simple and offers two years of battery life on just two double a batteries. It also works with the blink home monitor app, which is simple to use and allows you to see the live view, receive motion alerts, and use the 2a sound. The blink outdoor camera is the right thing to do for the listed price, and now we recommend checking out the Google Nest cam outdoor, which deservedly won the silver medal for today and the title of runner-up best outdoor security camera available on the market in 2022. With some of the same features as its indoor brother, this model provides 24 hour security surveillance rain or shine.

The Nest outdoor camera has a 130 degree view of your surroundings while capturing 1080p video with a 3 megapixel sensor. Also included in the mix is an eightfold digital zoom that provides a surprisingly clear image through digital enhancement in the app, but only if you want to correct vision at a specific time. The manufacturer notes that at 1080p each camera can use 140 gigabytes to 380 gigabytes of bandwidth per month for uploads, which is a lot. The nest outdoor cam also has an impressive night vision mode that provides a clear view of the same environment at night without the need for additional lighting. Capable of detecting movement in people, the camera will alert you to their presence and is reasonably smart in that it can distinguish between them.

Because the nest outside cam has a built-in speaker and microphone, it can be used to monitor and communicate with visitors if placed near or above the front entrance. The camera uses push-to-talk logic, so you must press the microphone button in the app to speak to the visitor. Another cool feature of the nest outdoor is the ability to make time-lapse videos, where you can capture images from the camera and turn them into 30 60 or 120 second videos. In conclusion, we like the quality of images for shooting both day and night the alert sytem is a nice touch.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

  • See a bigger picture - The security camera has a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens for auto image correction and reduction of the fisheye effect to make this surveillance camera ideal for protecting medium to larger spaces
  • Capture clearer details - The wireless outdoor security cameras with advanced video quality that records in clear 2K HDR footage to let you see clearer details and zoom in on moving objects with clarity
  • Light up the night - Ward off unwelcome guests with the outdoor camera using the integrated spotlight. See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision
  • Smarter alerts, quicker action - Receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Secure trial
  • Respond quickly to notifications - Make this wireless outdoor security camera your front door camera to hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio
  • Coverage from every corner - This home security camera's wire-free setup delivers increased installation flexibility to get the perfect view from your surveillance & security cameras
  • Arlo Secure - Includes 3-months of Arlo Secure for 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, cloud activity zones and more. Plans start at dollar 2.99 per month for a single camera, and dollar 9.99 for unlimited cameras
  • Easy wire-free setup - Wireless camera with fast setup that requires no hub or wiring; its wifi camera capability allows the home security system to connect directly to Wi-Fi for a quick setup
  • Works seamlessly with your smart home - A security system that works as an Amazon Alexa camera, Google device, Apple HomeKit device and Samsung SmartThings device
  • Local storage option - Secure your videos directly from your home security system to your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub (sold separately) and view your video camera footage anytime anywhere

The arlo pro 4 spotlight camera has many of the same features and specs as its predecessors, but it does not require a hub to operate.

It is entirely weatherproof and ready to use indoors or outdoors, with or without a cable, and has a viewing angle of 160 degrees. When it comes to video quality, the 4 megapixel sensor does a superb job of recording fine details with precise colors now that the previous arlo camera’s base station has been abandoned, the setup process has been simplified you link the device straight to the house wi-fi router. The arlo pro 4 is also compatible with the existing arlo pro system, allowing current users to keep using their old base station and cameras with the new model. We’re looking at a weatherproof indoor and outdoor camera with two-way sound motion detection alerts. color vision at night The arlo pro 4 has 12 x digital zoom, an 80 decibel siren, and a high power reflector, as the name suggests.

You can add hdr video, zoom, and track, and of course the device also offers a sharp clear 2k video up to 2560 by 1440 where you can choose between three levels in the settings to save bandwidth. The hdr function greatly helps to increase the details, especially when there are dark and light places in your view. You can set the field of view to 160, 125, or 110 degrees, giving you a lot of alternatives. One of the best features of any arlo camera is intelligence, which is currently the best in its class. Artificial intelligence alerts allow you to choose whether you want to receive notifications only about people, animals, vehicles, or packages, or about all movements.

Overall, this device provides premium performance at the best possible price-quality ratio. Thank you for viewing, and until next time, I hope to see you all in the future video. See you later, guys.

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