Top 5 BEST Smart Thermostats of [2022]

Hello everyone, today’s video is about the top five best smart thermostats for 2022. I’ve put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you covered for more information on the products i’ve included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe now let’s get started.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

  • Smart upgrade - Amazon Smart Thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage.
  • Save money - After purchase, Amazon will send you an email with details about rebates that may be available from energy providers in your area. Explore rebates above.
  • Save energy - According to EPA estimates, ENERGY STAR certified thermostats save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills.
  • Automatic comfort - Alexa can do the programming for you, updating the temperature to keep you comfortable.
  • On-the-go control - Let Alexa set the temperature, or set it yourself from anywhere with the Alexa app.
  • You can do it - The Alexa app will guide you through the installation process, but customer service is always available.
  • Reliable - Made with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and backed by 130 years of experience.

Without built-in speakers or support for remote sensors, Amazon’s inexpensive smart thermostat may not be as complex as many of the top smart thermostats on the market right now, but it offers an excellent price-quality ratio. This thermostat gives you the benefit of smoothly integrating Alexa into your daily routine, and you enjoy it. When alexa detects that everyone in your house has gone to bed or no one is at home, this feature extends similar capabilities to amazon’s smart thermostatic temperature controls through automatic actions that make changes. Amazon smart thermostat displays the temperature in a large digital clock style font below the temperature display are small arrows up and down to adjust the temperature one degree at a time between the arrows is a circuit for turning the thermostat on and off.

Although it does not have a built-in alexa as an ecobee smart thermostat, the virtual assistant is at the heart of the experience based on the way you communicate with the best devices that support alexa in your home alexa makes educated assumptions based on the way you communicate with the best devices that support alexa in your home alexa makes educated assumptions The Amazon smart thermostat is energy star certified, which means you’ll save roughly $50 per year on your energy expenses. The amazon smart thermostat is available in white and measures 3.56 by 3.56 by 0.84 inches with a weight of 3.86 ounces We should also mention that consumers prefer the remote sensor support for the given price.

Wyze Thermostat

  • Easy DIY installation: Step-by-step guided installation in the Wyze app (less than 30 min). Work with 90% home systems, C-wire adapter included for home without C-wire; Check your heating & cooling system compatibility on the Wyze website with the Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker.
  • Control from the app: You can control the temperature from your phone no matter where you are, or turn it off when you are away; Keep pets comfortable and prevent frozen plumbing; Share the control with guests and family through the Wyze app.
  • Works with voice assistants: Adjust the thermostat with your voice by asking Alexa or Google assistant.
  • 7-Day scheduling: Create schedules for Home, Sleep, and Away for every day so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to your thermostat.
  • Usage tracking with insights: Like an energy-saving gnome inside your phone, the Wyze app will recommend actionable insights based on your usage to help reduce wasted energy.
  • Automatically turns on and off based on the built-in motion sensor and phone location to save energy.

If you want a product that gives the greatest bang for your money, we highly recommend the wise thermostat, also known as the best value. 2022: smart thermostat The wise thermostat is not the most beautiful device you’ll install in your home, and the dial is not the most sophisticated control option in its class, but it is simple and affordable. It comes with everything you might need, including an optional decorative cover plate holes left over from the previous installation and a wiring conversion bundle if you don’t have a c wire in the wall to secure power to the thermostat. To set the desired temperature displayed on the little screen, simply turn the knob.

To access the menu, turn the knob. Press the knob to select the menu selections after turning the knob. The clever thermostat works with a wider range of HVAC systems than most low-cost smart thermostats. Installing the thermostat is simple after downloading the wise app and creating an account. You can create a single schedule with targeted temperatures at home sleep in a way for each working day and weekend, as well as for all weekdays. You can also access most thermostat options via the built-in screen if you don’t want to be permanently connected to your smartphone.

Honeywell Home T9

  • SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY. Adjust your ENERGY STAR certified thermostat from anywhere with your mobile device, or let your home automatically react to your schedule with Auto Home/Away Scheduling. Save even more with possible inclusion in energy saving schemes from your utility provider. (Subject to availability in area)
  • LIVE AND SLEEP SMARTER. Choose the temperature in a specific room, like the bedroom, to be exactly what you want it to be, to help get a better night’s sleep. Or let the Smart Room Sensors automatically detect which rooms people are in and focus comfort where it matters automatically.
  • AMAZING SENSOR RANGE. The battery powered Smart Room Sensors utilize unique Honeywell Home technology to deliver an efficient signal up to 200 ft range. (Could be further depending on home construction.)
  • MULTI-ROOM FOCUS. Don’t be forced to choose one room over another, the T9 Smart Thermostat can handle multiple rooms to focus on (requires sensors).
  • CONTROL IT YOUR WAY. Control the T9 using the Resideo app or through Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and more.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Forced air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with electric backup. Does NOT work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V). C-Wire required.
  • DO IT YOURSELF SIMPLE INSTALL. With guided installation setup couldn’t be simpler. The included power adapter is an easy-to-install, low-voltage alternative to a C-wire, so the thermostat is compatible with most homes.
  • Before purchasing, check to see if this thermostat is compatible with your home and to determine if your home needs a C-wire power adapter.

The next product on our list of reviews is the honeywell home t9 also known as the best mid-range smart thermostat available on the market in 2022. With the t9 honeywell home delivers its own thermostat that supports remote temperature detection the t9 comes with a remote sensor in the box and can support up to 20 sensors compared to 32 sensors that the ecobee can handle and a maximum of 18 that nest supports. In addition to measuring temperature and recognizing presence in the room, t9 sensors can also measure humidity. The t9 comes with a remote sensor in the box and can support up to 20 sensors, compared to 32 sensors for the ecobee and a maximum of 18 for the nest. The t9 smart thermostat includes all of the features you’d expect from a smart thermostat, including support for a range of HVAC systems, timed or geofenced scheduling, and a smartphone app to control your system. It is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa assistant and Google’s voice assistant, as well as Apple’s Home Kit platform.

Installing a t9 is similar to installing any other smart thermostat: you connect the wires from your old thermostat to the ones you’ll need to install a new one. What sets the t9 apart from the nest or ecobee is its shape: it’s a vertically oriented rectangle that’s narrower than it’s tall, so depending on the shape of your current thermostat, you may need to make some repairs and paint on the wall. Honeywell home claims the t9 is designed to hide The t9 thermostat can be connected to up to 20 remote sensors and programmed based on what they read.

Nest Learning Thermostat

  • No more programming: With Auto-Schedule, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you and programs itself.
  • Home/Away Assist: don't heat or cool an empty home. Home/Away Assist adjusts the temperature after you leave.
  • Remote control: Control your thermostat from anywhere using the Nest app.
  • Know more, save more Check your Energy History to see how much energy you use and why.
  • Look for the Leaf: The Nest Leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy.

A thumbs up from here on out, we present the Nest learning thermostat, which is the runner-up finest smart thermostat on the market in 2022, in our opinion. As a result, the frame around the screen is much thinner, and the screen is much easier to see from the other side of the room.

The new nest has a 40 larger and sharper screen 3 inches in diameter with a 480 by 480 pixels resolution compared to the 320 by 320 pixels resolution of the second generation nest model. Nest’s third generation includes a number of new features that have been carried over from previous generations of products, such as automatic scheduling, which learns what temperatures you prefer and schedules them for you; automatic exit mode, which lowers the temperature when it detects that you’re not at home; and the furnace heads up function, which will alert you if it detects incorrect heater closing patterns, unlike the ecobee fifth generation. Nest only covers one area, but if you buy more nest thermostats, they’ll operate together. Finally, Nest will interact with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can also connect and control your nest thermostat with a variety of other smart home devices such as philips hue lights, smart locks, and more. As for installation, if you know how to use a screwdriver, you can probably install nest yourself in about half an hour if not less. Nest not only provides step-by-step instructions but also includes a screwdriver, which is something you won’t find with other smart thermostat kits.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

  • Save up to 26% annually on heating and cooling costs (compared to a hold of 72°F)
  • Included SmartSensor extends comfort to your most important rooms
  • Comes with Siri and Alexa Built-in for calls, music, and added control (Apple HomePod mini required to enable Siri)
  • Automatically pauses your heating or cooling when a door or window is left open (requires ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows and a Smart Security subscription)
  • Integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system

And now introducing the ecobee smart thermostat the best overall smart thermostat available on the market in 2022 the ecobee model was the first to use remote detection with presence detection allowing the thermostat to search for temperatures based on actual room use built-in voice control via amazon alexa has improved the utility while support for many third-party platforms including apple homekit siri smartthings and google assistant has opened up a world of smart integration ecobee smart thermostat includes a new lcd screen with a 320×480 resolution lcd screen with increased touch sensitivity, a quad-core processor, and two-band wi-fi for faster and more stable connectivity. Spotify and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility are among the new capabilities, allowing you to broadcast music to an external speaker via Alexa.

The thermostat’s built-in smart speaker has been upgraded with a richer sound in a broader range. It may seem difficult to upgrade a wired thermostat, but if your system is compatible with ecobee, it will be simple. The ecobee comes with an additional sensor that remotely reports the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Its new design is smaller and sweeter than nest’s room sensors and can be mounted on a wall or stand. The sensor is battery powered and should last up to five years.

The smart thermostat features a new touch screen that is clear and bright, making it simple to handle the thermostat regardless of the control you choose. The sliding scale allows you to choose the temperature and switching between hot, cold, or automatic is simple. It’s also simple to create a heating or cooling schedule for your home. The thermostat has a pre-programmed schedule that will work in most households. The device provides significant upgrades over its predecessor, as well as a more sophisticated experience without overcharging you wanted the best, and you got it.

Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you guys in the next video. See you later guys.

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